Project Overview

Can we sensitize ourselves to make small changes in our consumption patterns so that the food we eat improves our well being while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint?

How can we make children get involved with their food so that they appreciate its value beyond satisfying hunger and taste?

How can the role pf design process help in creating awareness about sustainability and well being by effecting change in everyday life?

Most of us don’t consider the larger impact of our food choices. But most urban food trends are such that the transport, processing, packaging and distribution of the food we eat consumes enormous amounts of energy and resources. The growing tendency of consuming convenience foods or hiring full time cooks in urban households is estranging us from our food.  Children growing up in such an environment begin to assimilate these food choices from a young age. The aim of this project was to encourage children and in turn their parents to get involved with their food, question it’s source and understand it’s impact beyond their bodies to lead healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

What is a Gastronaut?
Gastronaut / gass-tro-not / •noun.
Food explorer
ORIGIN Greek gaster ‘stomach’ + nautes ‘sailor’.

The Garrulous Gastronaut is a character that re-introduces food to children between the ages of 4-8 years, as an aspect of life that is exciting to explore. The young Gastronaut, Cheeku does various food centric activities that involve making choices about how you get food onto your plate. The Gastronaut Kit was designed to supplement the narrative and persuade children to go out and engage in gastronomic experiences, have fun interacting with adults and use food as a means to get people together.