Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eddible Estates

There is a lawn and garden revolution currently taking place in the heartland. “Garden," as we know it, typically conjures up images of a private, enclosed space - a protected visual oasis - a patch worked quilt of cultivated herbs and seasonal vegetables. “Lawn”, for most, has less romantic connotations, though its origins, “laund”, suggests a wide open plain or ploughed meadow, which over time became ye olde word, “mawan”, or the verb, “mow”, as we know it today. 

Garden or lawn need not equal mow, though.

The green-thumbed architect, Fritz Haeg, might finally have a solution for our fixation with the lawn as ego and suburbia as a vapid showcase for increasingly archaic landscaping strategies coupled with the weekly Olympic mowing events.

Edible Estates
 is a project that re evaluates the concept of personal turf- the suburban lawn, and makes it into a publicly viewed space for food production plan.

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