Friday, August 20, 2010

Review 3

Diploma Review 3
Friday 20th August
Panel: Arathi, Geetu & Nupur

·         Think about editing your narrative to make it more visual. Your colours and illustrations should take precedent as children prefer looking at images than read. Visuals also have a better impact.
·         Think about the appearance of your characters- what they wear, things like that. Will your target audience (urban middle and upper middle class Indian children) be able to identify with them?
·         Can you think of other ways by which your reader will be able to identify with your character? What characteristics of Cheeku will bind your reader to him? For e.g. do your character collect things? Children like collecting objects (bottle caps, earthworms in a jar). Find out what are the things children like.
·         Perhaps you should introduce the terms Gastronauts and Eco in the initial chapters of your book instead of just at the end as it is the crux of the narrative. The reader should become familiar with the terms.
·         Finish your book first and the other products will follow as the book is the pivot of the entire set  which includes the book, a twin set of canvas bags and aprons (for an adult and child), and a set of 6 table mats.
·         Can you think of how your story characters and events can translate onto the products instead of having separate content for them? Perhaps each of the characters is on a separate table mat. E.g. Geetu had made table mats by recycling old calendars and her children would want the mat which had their birthday month. How can the products engage the user in more ways than one?

·         A prototype of the narrative in the actually size, shape of the book with complete art work and typography for another review to be held at 11 am, Friday 27th August.

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