Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Review 5

Feedback on the Narrative (overall):

·         Re think the cover type- Garrulous Gastronaut should be the highlight. You don’t need to include “by” Pushpi Bagchi- Just your name is fine. As you are mentioning one Gastronaut “The...” it would make more semantic sense to have just one illustration of the main character on the cover.
·         Keep the typography in the inside pages simple and make it bigger in size.
·         Overall the layouts don’t have a relief of contrast, there is too much happening and the flow is a little monotonous. Perhaps create a pattern of contrasting pages using illustration, colour, type, etc.
·         Rethink the shapes of a few of the flaps as at the moment most are simple shapes- squares, rectangles, etc. Perhaps they can be in the shape of food? Also the type size under the flaps can be smaller as it is like revealing a secret underneath.
·         Edit the copy. It’s too lengthy.
·         Can increase the size of the book.
·         Also consider making the cover hard bound while getting the book bound.

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