Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review 4

Diploma Review 4
Thursday 9th September
Panel: Arathi, Geetu & Nupur

·         The type of paper used for the inside pages should be of a higher GSM- 200+ and you can look into printing on ivory paper rather than white as it will complement the colour palette and the “rough feel” of your illustration style.
·         Also need to think about the shaded of blue used in your layouts as blue prints differently. Will have to be careful about reproducing the shades you want in the final print.
·         Think about alternating the background colours of the pages to help with the reading flow- it shouldn’t get repetitive and “expected”. Also reconsider use of vertical lines and grids in the backgrounds, perhaps use colour textures instead.
·         The body copy type size needs to be a lot larger for children’s books. Also the hand drawn type of the chapter titles need to be refines.
·         The illustrations of the grandfather character are becoming too realistic in certain spreads, should re- look at those.
·         Consider ideas for the cover- perhaps an illustration from the inside pages, it has to be relatable with a child. The title needs to be something fun as well.

·         Dummy of the book printed on the type of paper discussed in the review today with final illustrations and typography in place by next Friday, 17th September.

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